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Poppy Gacke
Senior Consultant

Attack vs Defence: How to Avoid Conceding an Oracle Audit Compliance Penalty

As a part of the SAM team in a large organisation, your role can feel like the last line of defence against mega-vendor software audits and multi-million-dollar compliance settlement fees. You may have a well-drilled team and plenty of experience against lower-league opposition, but now you are on the playing field against the auditing all-stars, the Oracle GLAS team, renowned for their meticulous approach and aggressive strategy.

You will be tested tactically and put under pressure, but can you keep possession of your compliance status and avoid conceding needless own goals? And remember, the rules of this game can change at any time, becoming increasingly complex and making it easy for your team to be caught offside.

Surviving until the full-time whistle won’t be easy, but with the right preparation you can keep a clean sheet by avoiding some of the common mistakes that lead to Oracle audit penalties.

For this pre-match team talk, Poppy Gacke, of software audit defence specialists FisherITS, and Philippe Bonavitacola, of SAM technology provider USU, will get your defensive strategy prepared to face the Oracle attack.

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