Katerina Moltova
Katerina Motlova
IBM Specialist

FisherITS Launches ILMT365 Managed Services For On-Premise And Cloud Customers

As part of FisherITS’ review of customer requirements for additional services, FisherITS has decided to bring two new services to the market:

  • ILMT365 On-Premise
  • ILMT365 Cloud

These new services have been created to help those organizations in the long term achieve the following benefits:

  • Minimize the risk of penalties when IBM performs an audit.
  • Enable customers to negotiate better at new IBM purchases.
  • Help optimise an organisation’s IBM licence costs.

IBM License Management Tool (ILMT) is one of the compulsory requirements for IBM customers who want to be eligible for IBM’s Sub-Capacity (virtualization capacity) licencing discount. This discount allows IBM customers to license and pay for only the processing power (virtual cores) allocated to IBM applications running in a virtualised infrastructure, instead of to license and pay for the physical cores that may exist on physical host machines or cluster farms.

FisherITS’objectives with this new service will be to deploy, configure and continuously manage ILMT, so it enables IBM customers to access the following features and benefits:

  • Eligibility of Sub-Capacity licensing discounts;
  • Discover all IBM software deployed across the customer’s infrastructure;
  • Correctly classify and bundle the detected software titles in accordance to the customer’s purchased licence entitlements;
  • Centrally track, monitor and report on consumption of IBM Processor Value Unit licences in real time;
  • Enables capacity forecasting and planning for IBM PVU licences as well as the hardware infrastructure to optimize software and hardware spend.

Having worked in this market space for a number of years, FisherITS’ experience advising enterprise customers in managing their IBM licence reviews and the sub-capacity violation has mainly been caused by the absence or miss-configuration of ILMT. Therefore, organisations who find themselves in this situation has proven to have been in the highest compliance risk of those IBM customers who deploy PVU licences.

Eric Chiu, Managing Director of FisherITS: “In line with our other IBM Plus license management services, we have decided to strengthen our portfolio of ILMT services by introducing ILMT 365 to on-premise customers and our cloud customers. The Managed Service takes over the complete management of the IBM license metric tool, ranging from the maintenance of the server and the agent, up to the creation of the audit PVU sub-capacity reports. We then provide ongoing, proactive optimization of the ILMT and the Software bundles.”

Our aim is to highlight any unintentional compliance issues and where cost savings can be made by assessing entitlement vs deployment. We hope then to make the organization audit-ready by making sure the organization has regular reporting on the IBM Licensing framework. ‘ILMT in the Cloud’ enables the organization to gain greater benefit by deploying its own ILMT license to FisherITS’ Cloud Infrastructure and outsourcing to FisherITS the entire management of its ILMT, therefore reducing the cost of ownership of hardware, software and support overnight.

Both services aim to provide a positive ROI within months.’ if you wish to understand how these new services can help you reduce your risk and return on investment of managing your IBM estate then contact FisherITS on 0207 388 7000, or [email protected].