Hans Moorkens
Licensing Expert

FisherITS Launches ITAM365 For SAP

FisherITS (Fisher IT Asset Consulting / FIAC) is pleased to announce the new provision of continuous SAP Compliance and Cost Optimization Services as part of our ITAM365 offering .

This new service will introduce automation and strengthen FisherITS’ capability in continuous SAP license compliance measurement, license re-allocation and Indirect Access monitoring.

Just like other ITAM365 services offered by FisherITS, ITAM365 for SAP combines the core audit processes of:

  • License Record Verification, Import and Registration – the discovery of current and legacy contracts and any other types of Proof of Entitlement, and consolidate the data before aggregation, analytics and ultimately the production of consolidated License Entitlement quantities;
  • License Usage Measurement – measurement of license deployment and actual usage in accordance with specific license terms, metrics and restrictions;
  • Reconciliation and ELP Generation – We will reconcile Licence Entitlement quantities to license usage and generate Effective Licence Positions for each in-scope allocation.
  • License Optimisation – Alongside the ELP report, FisherITS will provide a recommendation report with tactical ‘quick wins’ where minor amendment to process can result in significant reduction in risk or license cost within 3 months, as well as strategic change to SAP landscape and/or architecture that may benefit the cost-effectiveness of customers’ long-term SAP investment .

Hans Moorkens, Senior Manager of FisherITS, says:

“This new service will enable FisherITS’ customers to access their SAP licensing insights quickly and continuously, so that they can either meet demands of any SAP spot audit or negotiate better license agreements with SAP. The service includes full SAP integration architecture review and monitoring, so that any potential Indirect Access issues are identified and rectified.”

Please contact us for further information on how ITAM365 for SAP can help you reduce risk and increase return on investment from your SAP license estate.