Hans Moorkens
Licensing Expert

ITAM365 And ILMT365 On G-Cloud

FisherITS (Fisher IT Asset Consulting / FIAC) are pleased to announce that the firm has been awarded the G-Cloud 10 Framework Approved Supplier status. This award helps FisherITS to grow our Public Sector focus by enabling Public Sector organization to procure services using a Government-Approved Procurement Framework.

FisherITS will therefore deliver two main Digital Marketplace Services which are listed under the ‘Cloud Hosting, Software and Support’ category:

  • ITAM365 – License Compliance as a Service
  • ILMT365 – IBM License Metric Tool as a Service

Since the March 2012 launch of the G-Cloud Framework, this service has mushroomed into providing around £2.8bn of Cloud Services which are supplied by over 3,500 G-Cloud suppliers. The G-Cloud framework enables SME and Large suppliers to deliver Cloud-based Hosting, software and services to the Public Sector.


ITAM365 is a reporting service that delivers audit-ready Effective License Position reports, together with risk mitigation and cost optimization advice on an agreed schedule (from monthly to annually). In contracting this service, the organization can save money through:

  • Reducing or removing the need to recruit, develop or retain specialist licensing expertise inhouse.
  • Gain access to audit-ready compliance and optimization reports as well as detailed and tailored advice
  • Free up internal capacity to be reused and therefore realize business values from our advice, rather than on the complexity of creating ELPs.
  • Access in-depth vendor licensing expertise at highly competitive costs, thanks to our efficiency and economies of scale.
  • Organizations usually achieve 13% cost savings, 30% reduction in risk avoidance; and 57% optimization of software spend through our advisory services.

ITAM365 can either be contracted by including all of the organization software vendors, a sub-set or ITAM365 can be delivered to support organization individual software vendors. The service supports software vendors such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP and Salesforce and many more.


ILMT365 has been designed to provide organizations with complete management of their IBM license metric tool (ILMT), ranging from the maintenance of the server and the agent as well as bundling relationship, up to the creation of the quarterly PVU Sub-capacity compliance reports.

ILMT365 enables organizations to be audit-ready by making sure software use tracking meets IBM’s compliance requirements. For ILMT365 Cloud Service customers, they also receive further benefits from saving operational and management costs by outsourcing the hosting and management of their ILMT server to FisherITS.

FisherITS looks forward to working with organizations who wish to procure Software Asset Management services through the G-Cloud Framework, and wish to engage a supplier passionate about helping Organizations receive real value from their software licences.

Please contact us for further details.

What is covered by the white paper?

  • Facts: Fundamental knowledge of the licence audit business
  • Survival: What happens in an audit and how to watch your every step
  • Take Advantage: Why licence audit can be good for you and how to reap the benefits

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