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Don’t be caught out when it comes to Micro Focus licence compliance and audit defence

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What Is a Micro Focus Audit?

Micro Focus has built a complex patchwork of products through acquiring over 40 companies to date. Even if you feel like you are comfortable with their traditional COBOL software licensing, are you sure that you are in control of Attachmate or Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) software as well? The first step to Micro Focus licence management is understanding if you have any software deployed that now falls within the Micro Focus product set.

FisherITS lists Micro Focus as a high-risk vendor who deploy aggressive auditing tactics and frequently audit their customer base. Defending a licence audit from Micro Focus begins with a good understanding of Micro Focus software licensing terms, application deployment, and software usage. FisherITS can help your organisation through the process to ensure you are in good shape and ready to counter their claims.

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Manage Risk

Micro Focus is a notorious vendor in SAM circles and considered a high risk by FisherITS. Micro Focus software licence audits are a serious concern to organisations who are not fully prepared. Our team can help defend and vastly reduce Micro Focus audit settlement fees.

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Once your organisation is aware of the scale of Micro Focus products deployed, understanding Micro Focus licence metrics is the key next step. Our team combines Micro Focus licence knowledge with SAM expertise to safely navigate your Micro Focus agreements, ensuring your team is ready to safely negotiate a downscaled contract.

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    Understand the Micro Focus Products You Have Deployed

    Micro Focus have acquired over 40 companies to date, and drive revenue through their audit programme which exploits incorrect usage of legacy software. Notable software brands acquired and included in the Micro Focus portfolio include Attachmate, NetIQ, Novell, Borland, Intersolv/Merant, Serena Software, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Mercury Interactive. Customers should take particular care of Micro Focus’ Attachmate and HPE Software portfolio as they have received a particular spotlight as part of Micro Focus’ audit activities.

    Manage Micro Focus Licence Metrics

    As with the range of software products now owned by Micro Focus, the spread of licence metrics in use is equally daunting. Micro Focus licensing metrics vary across their products and often include ambiguous wording. Common Micro Focus metrics include user-based, processor-based, device based and site-based. Micro Focus customers should make sure they understand how the licence metric is defined for the product they are managing. If there are grey areas in the contract, make sure these are clarified throughout the organisation, especially between Procurement, Product Owners and Legal, who all need to agree.



    Understanding the Micro Focus Audit Process

    As with most software publisher audits, the Micro Focus licence compliance audit timeline aligns closely to the methods described in the FisherITS Audit Survival Guide. FisherITS has a track record of successfully defending Micro Focus compliance audits, vastly reducing or eliminating the required settlement fee.

    Micro Focus Audit Defence Strategy

    FisherITS can help your organisation to build a Micro Focus audit defence strategy, beginning the moment you receive an audit notification from the vendor. Initially, our team of Micro Focus licensing experts can help to assess the validity and scope of the audit request, ensuring the request is compliant with the audit clause in your Micro Focus contract and clear boundaries are set.

    The FisherITS team will help guide communication through the process and prepare an accurate view of your Micro Focus compliance position, enabling your organisation to compare this with any discrepancies identified in the Micro Focus compliance report. If you do need to purchase extra licence entitlement as the result of noncompliance in your audit, FisherITS will use its vast experience with similar audits to help your team to minimize the eventual fee and ensure the purchased software is aimed towards actual usage and your business goals.


    If you are under active audit by Micro Focus, or would like to prepare for an upcoming Micro Focus audit, contact us today.


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