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Microsoft Licensing Overview

Microsoft is the most prolific software provider and regularly launches global license audits, making it essential that organisations manage their Microsoft assets correctly. This can be complex as navigating Microsoft licence agreements requires deep knowledge and careful navigation between rules and motivations.  

Correctly managing and optimising your investment, and being prepared for a Microsoft licence audit, presents key cost saving opportunities. Engaging with experienced Microsoft licensing practitioners will help your organisation reduce spend and negotiate future Microsoft licensing agreements with confidence.

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FisherITS leverages extensive industry experience and Microsoft vendor understanding to ensure that your Microsoft software license management is accurate and compliant. Our teams work with you to protect your software investment, to define its success, and to mitigate any unnecessary spend.

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FisherITS works with you to ensure that your investment into Microsoft software is efficient and relevant to your business. Our Microsoft license management and Microsoft software asset management skillsets ensure that you manage your costs and license mobility with ease.

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    Cost saving opportunities with Office 365

    Over the past few years Microsoft has successfully shifted its desktop productivity solutions to the Cloud with the various Office 365 offerings. With the often-offered large discounts and a lenient policy for migration from on-premise software, Office 365 can be a very attractive offer to many procurement professionals.  

    Office 365 has now been deployed at many organisations for a number of years, and as such presents an attractive cost saving opportunity. Revisiting licence allocations and analysing usage will help you to ensure users are optimised with the most appropriate Office 365 licensing plan.

    Expensive does not mean more

    You may have negotiated really hard to get a good deal; it was so good that you get all of your Office licences on Professional at the price of Standard. However, do you know that you cannot use Professional licences to cover Standard office usage? Microsoft by default (means unless you negotiated separately) does not grant ‘down-edition’ rights to most of its applications, so more can mean less sometimes.  

    Gate-keeping your remote access

    Offering employees access to software remotely through Citrix or similar technology can greatly increase productivity. However, if remote access is not restricted, or you have bought licences on device base rather than user base, the licence requirements can jump up a few hundred times easily.  

    Licence Mobility

    By default, you can only move a Microsoft licence, such as a SQL Enterprise Database, from one server to another every 90 days. This may sound ok if you have a physical Datacenter but it will not work in a virtualised world when virtual servers are designed to jump around hardware for better resource efficiency. At a cost, you can use Software Assurance to obtain Licence Mobility rights that allows free roaming with Microsoft applications on virtual servers, or you can simply consolidate certain type of virtual servers on one big host. Without properly address the licence mobility issues, an audit penalty that typically cost 5 times more than the original licence fee may become payable.  

    Negotiation and motivation

    You may feel that Microsoft is too big to be negotiated down for a good deal, but don’t forget like every other salesman Microsoft or their reseller’s representatives are incentivised by sales targets with often highly ambitious figures.  They may appear to have grounds that they must stand firm on but in our experience everything, from audit clause to future pricing, is negotiable. As much as you need the software, the sales rep wants to seal the deal. Start preparation early but work towards their deadlines, understanding the curve balls threw at you (such as ‘SAM Engagement’ acceptance) and return them with clear justification, and being able to demonstrate control over your current and future licences requirements are the three key things to secure a real good deal from your next renewal. 



    Marco is an experienced Senior Consultant and expert in Microsoft Licensing. He has
    successfully assisted multiple high-profile license compliance internal audits and audit defence engagements, ensuring his clients are operating on fully optimised and cost-effective licensing terms.

    Prior to his current role at FisherITS, Marco has supported SoftwareONE clients throughout Europe as part of the SoftwareONE Italy team. Marco’s experience and expertise of Microsoft licensing enables large and fast-growing organisations to save money and reduce compliance risk on their Microsoft investment.

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