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Ben Eagling
Marketing Manager

White Paper: Software Licence Audit Defence Guide

Software Audit Defence GuideHow to prepare for vendors such as Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle, Quest, & Micro Focus

Software licence audits cost businesses millions of dollars every year and require a huge amount of time and effort to be spent by the customer during each audit.

This guide, written by software licensing experts FisherITS and Software Asset Management solution provider USU, will cover everything you need to understand the full audit process, providing step-by-step instructions for how to respond to each stage.

This guide also profiles the most high-risk auditing vendors and features the most common compliance mistakes that can lead to audit penalties.

FisherITS and USU illustrate how a combination of expertise, experience,
processes and tools can help organisations remain ‘audit-ready’ and successfully
defend licence audits.

Included in this guide:

  • Why Do Vendors Audit?
  • What Kind of Audit Can You Expect
  • The Software Licence Audit Process
  • High Risk Vendors in Profile
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