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Eric Chiu
Managing Director

Introducing OpenSAM from FisherITS

Trapped in the dilemma between the cost-efficiency and trustworthiness of your SAM programme? OpenSAM provides the answer to corporate IT and procurement stakeholders after years of struggle with disappointing tools and under-performing service providers.

For years, companies looking to set up SAM and ITAM programmes have struggled to find the sweet spot between consulting, hiring, outsourcing and relying on tooling automation.

At FisherITS, we are neither an advocate of maximising time-and-material billing nor a believer of silver-bullet SAM automations. We feel that only by accepting the limitations of both human-led SAM expertise and tooling automation, organisations can drive a sustainable SAM and ITAM solution.


Combining a SAM Tool with Consultant Expertise

OpenSAM began in 2018 as a skunk works project by some of our most innovative SAM consultants and a small team of developers. Our design philosophy includes two distinct prioritises: to automate ONLY the high-volume yet low business value tasks (e.g., data processing or software recognition), and to build workflow automation so our consultants’ expertise can be leveraged more efficiently for high business value tasks (e.g., complex licence modelling, risk management and cost optimisation).

The result is a SaaS solution that leverages the best blend of technology and human expertise. We call it OpenSAM, because we believe that we have opened the optimal pathway for SAM consultants and SAM tools to collaborate instead of competing.

Let OpenSAM Power Your Software Asset Management Programme

We launched OpenSAM in January 2020 to all our existing and newly onboarded customers. Contact FisherITS to find out how your SAM programme can benefit from one of our services powered by OpenSAM.