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Eric Chiu
Managing Director

Introducing OpenSAM Risk Management

Introducing OpenSAM Risk Management, a suite of new apps added to FisherITS’s OpenSAM platform today: Smart Inventory, Risk Radar and Risk Register.

OpenSAM Risk Management

“Risk Radar highlights the “risky” applications across our customers’ network from a license compliance perspective and provides actionable intel to manage the risk, all without the need of any Effective License Position (ELP) reports.” – says Poppy Gacke, Senior Consultant at FisherITS.

In recent years, we have been told by an increasing number of SAM teams and ITAM managers from Small and Medium Enterprises that they have struggled to achieve RoI from their investment from many “mainstream” SAM tools.

Let alone the cost of the SAM tools themselves, the effort of maintaining data quality sufficient enough for accurate ELPs have very often outweighed the actual cost savings they can achieve in an SME.

“I don’t want to create and maintain ELPs for every piece of application on our network, I just want to keep an eye on the apps that are either getting us in (compliance) trouble or wasting a lot of money”.

Our suite of Risk Management apps creates a perfect answer to these customers – another example of how our developers and licensing experts working together to create the cutting edge innovation in SAM & ITAM.

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Let OpenSAM Power Your Software Asset Management Programme

We launched OpenSAM in January 2020 to all our existing and newly onboarded customers. Contact FisherITS to find out how your SAM programme can benefit from one of our services powered by OpenSAM.